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Parents are to prepare their children by teaching them gospel principles; seking them to live clean, pure lives so they can be worthy missionaries and ambassadors of the Lord, encouraging them to acquire a strong testimony of the gospel, and helping them to prepare financially for this sacred service. As the latter will not be made well in body by such a course of treatment, the former will not be made well in soul by such a course of philosophy. Nephi described it when he wrote:.


Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To make it complete, it would have to be supplemented.

There sruff no logical requirement that acting virtuously with regard to one character trait means that one is not acting viciously with regard to another; virtue may involve trade-offs. See EMP p. In a stake I visited recently, the unemployment rate was high.

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It is a labor of love that permits our forefathers to continue their progress toward eternal life. Likewise, learning how to become virtuous should not be confused with becoming virtuous.

Our Moral Environment Boyd K. An argument:. However, when ztuff theory is considered as a theory of right action VATthe possibility of conflicting virtues is a definitely a problem. There are moral virtues and intellectual virtues; we will concerned with the moral virtues.

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It can be an anchor in daily life, a source of guidance, protection, security, peace, and revelation. Though we live in the world, we must not be of the world. Gratitude for the Goodness of God Robert D. Virtue ethics is not fundamentally a theory about the conditions under which an action is right or wrong, it is theory about being a good person.

What is good for X depends on the function of X.

If something is the highest good, then it is good in itself, and not merely because it le to something else. What virtue is:. A man will be a grammarian, then, only when he has both done something grammatical and done it grammatically; and this means doing it in accordance with the grammatical knowledge in himself… That is, they control growth and do various things automatically e. In a day when broadcasters and publishers have rather free access into sruff homes, we must seek clean, uplifting entertainment, whether on television, videos, movies, magazines, books, and other printed material.

The Church maintains a policy of strict political neutrality, favoring no party or candidate, but every member should take an active part in the political process. Depending on how we respond, we will form a habit and become either virtuous of vicious.

Procrastination -

Hitting the mean is hard because there are lots of ways to get it wrong and only one way to get it right. They try to supply an answer of the form:. Statistical Report F.

So, perhaps the seekingg villain is a bad person on of his slavishness and other vices, but really is courageous. Hence, it seems that we will need to look at some other moral theories…. Pain may similarly be good or bad.

Seeking 4 some good stuff

Now if arguments were sufficient by themselves to make people decent, the rewards they command would justifiably have been many and large…. Some types of activities do not have a mean. Some other theories e. We should study the issues and the candidates to be sure our votes are based on knowledge rather than hearsay. A key document of the restoration of the gospel is a letter the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote in reply to a request of John Wentworth, editor of a Chicago newspaper.

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We become vicious by acting viciously. The rational part is the intellect, which is capable of understanding concepts and making decisions. Text Settings. We should seek without delay to preach by precept and by example to be sure everyone is willing to accept gospel truths and has the opportunity to do so.

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In most cases, those who are good neighbors will have good neighbors. See 1 Cor. A Prisoner of Love Vaughn J. Can virtue ethics help?

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Doors of Death Russell M. This means that the two are acquired differently; intellectual sweking can be acquired by reading a book; moral virtue can be acquired only through practice.

Virtues are destroyed by defect and excess. Unclutter Your Life William R. It means striving continuously to build and maintain genuine friendship.

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All living things have souls, where a soul is simply whatever it is that makes the difference between life and death. Nourish the Flock of Christ Alexander B. Therefore, man is neither virtuous nor vicious by nature. Faith and Good Works Stephen D. Regular temple work can provide spiritual strength. So, pleasure is not the highest good -- it is not the same as happiness.

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We should seek to be happy and cheerful and not allow Satan to overcome us with discouragement, despair, etuff depression. The pleasure which is found in some forms of activity may be good, and the pleasure which is found in other forms of activity may be bad. The true greatness of a person, in my view, is evident in the way he or she treats those where courtesy and kindness are not required.