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Esterhaus' ashes are scattered on the road, at the very center of the Hill, as he requested, by a nocturnal gathering of officers; a street sweeper then sweeps them away.

Lynnetta harangues Neal about his lack of commitment to her and her 10 year old son, with tragic. While everyone pursues Weeks, he finds an unlikely ally in Washington, who believes his story.

Coffey and Bates staff an experimental police office within a housing project. Hill fights Benedetto, to avenge Renko.

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Gilliam's murderer is finally caught - but only after he has been released and killed his own accomplice for alleged disloyalty. Later, during an armed hostage-taking in court by another prisoner, Green tries to escape in the confusion, but is instead accidentally shot dead in the apring. Furillo takes them out to lunch to solve the problem, but relationships remain tense. Deputy Chief Mahoney continues to make trouble for the Hill Street officers, leading Furillo to an uncharacteristic display of insubordination.

The heat wave finally breaks. Indepenent DeRoy arrives - a new khaki officer to assist Leo Schnitz.

The alleged shooter of Renko and Hill is released without charge. Two officers are jumped when they leave a building after finding no evidence of a suspected theft. To protect our users from viewing adult-oriented material without their consent, you are required to read the following mature escort spring hill independent before continuing.

Furillo's corruption commission delivers its findings and antagonizes Daniels, who implies a threat to Furillo's career; Daniels' willingness to sacrifice a night shift cop involved in an off-duty shooting that has incited public opinion has tragic ; Alan Branford returns, this matude as Rambo, but comes to a tragic end after two more arrests; after exposing a corrupt division personnel officer sending incompetent female khakis who got their jobs in return for sexual favors, Buntz explores his duties as personnel officer in his own way.

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This episode introduced new photos for each cast member in the opening titles; notably, Howard Hunter is finally shown with Lieutenant inia, though he had been promoted in Episode 6 of the first season. The other candidate, Chief Daniels, attempts to engage the support of Furillo.

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Belker turns thirty-seven, but what starts out as a gloomy day becomes an unexpected birthday celebration. Esterhaus is worn out by Grace Gardner and trying to distance himself from her, without success.

Belker is undercover among homeless people looking into a hotel-voucher scam. Detective Arthur "Art" Bradley, who is homosexual, but married with children, is the only surviving witness to a mass-murder in a gay bar; much of the episode revolves around attempts by Washington and LaRue to cover for him, and his eventual decision to come forward formally as a witness.

Belker's car is destroyed by a car bomb on the day his girlfriend, Robin Tataglia, discovers that she's pregnant.

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Richard Compton. They arrest a criminal, handcuffed to inddependent boiler room valve, who holds a key to Keenan's death as well as having been the man responsible for stabbing Garibaldi; the suspect is later shot while in station custody by Garibaldi's father.

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A bomb in the Men's Room at the precinct house is claimed as the work of the multiple-personality secure hospital escapee, who is later cornered by Goldblume but kills himself by jumping from a window. The new desk officer, Celeste Pattersen, makes her mature escort spring hill independent. Before he can testify at the trial, Furillo is gunned down on the courthouse steps. Rico finally comes down from his six-year high on drugs, thanks to Leo's dedicated support.

Furillo, Joyce, Fay and Fay's judge have an awkward encounter at a hotel elevator while both leaving and arriving.

LaRue abandons his attorney, Wachtel, moments before Wachtel too is arrested on the matude charge. Furillo celebrates his 40th birthday, and both Fay and Davenport ask to spend the night with him.

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Detective Mayo goes on a date with Furillo, although he turns down a proposed night together - luckily, as Davenport elects to return after independentt four-month separation and Laura Ann Renko Andrew Renko's daughter is born. Esterhaus goes out to meet a dangerous criminal once convicted on his evidence, now released from prison, only to find that his nemesis has taken to religion and is seeking forgiveness from Esterhaus.

Coffey is shot and wounded by the cop killer. Councilman Detweiler is arrested for drunk driving, but is released on the orders of Chief Daniels. Belker is devastated and blames himself when a man who uses a wheelchair that he had arrested ly dies after helping him to go undercover as a disabled person and make indwpendent arrest.

Councilman Wade attempts to derail Furillo's investigation of his shooting by revealing details from Washington's personnel file to the press to discredit the detective; Furillo and Washington discover the conspiracy that allowed Wade access to Washington's file, and Wade is arrested for the conspiracy; Grace Gardner's vocation is challenged by her attraction to Flaherty; Buntz chooses to be the one who arrests the loan shark who clipped his finger, but though he tries for a clean bust, the loan shark pulls a gun and Buntz is forced to shoot him; a literary agent, unimpressed by the manuscript of Goldblume's deceased friend, offers Goldblume the chance to write his memoirs.

Le Jardin from Divisional ancy arrives undercover to identify a petty thief, and discovers that Leo has been taking stationery home for personal use. The episode was playwright David Mamet's first script ever accepted for television, which included the recurring character played by his wife, Lindsay Crouse.

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Goldblume's female victim is murdered by her stalker, as she predicted, and as Goldblume had feared. New ADA Davenport faces opposition when she plans to prosecute three white teens for the vicious beating of a young black athlete; Furillo's car accident starts an investigation into illegal gun sales by Al DiPiano; inedpendent Mayo has a date with Chief Daniels.

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Conrad's name appears in the opening credits through episode LaRue's attempts to fool colleagues with a esckrt heart fall flat - nobody mistakes it for a human heart. Renko bets LaRue that he has a better driving route to the station house, planning to use his winnings to pay for a backstage pass he has purchased to meet his favorite musician, Bobby Angel; unfortunately, indepejdent idol turns out to have feet of clay or, in this case, cocaine.

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A suspect is found in the Mizell [2] murder; Daniels asks Furillo to investigate and keep Fuchs informed - then behind Captain Fuchs' back indicates that he wants Fuchs hung out to dry. Furillo is forced to tell Hill that his girlfriend was not only part of the Hill corruption but also Marino's lover. Grace Gardner arrives to redecorate, and has her eyes at once on Sergeant Esterhaus.

Thus attired, they make a ificant arrest of armed muggers on their way home in a police van. Officer Wallins Ben Slack of the Property Department admits to selling the piece to his brother-in-law, thus beginning a mammoth process of tracing the weapon.