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On the other hand, the people who seemingly have the most power, the farmers, experience a lack of agency, which may seem incongruous. To submit a response, follow this link.

But they resonate with people who are questioning if their institutions are capable of something like averting the collapse of an ecosystem. Guj to the ideas of people who live here, and their hypotheses on inaction in the face of ecosystem collapse, points us to some directions for future research on the factors contributing to action or inaction.

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The paralysis itself becomes another obstacle to overcome. A growing body of literature has been exploring pathways of collapse, as well as how to identify tipping points and the mechanisms that underpin ecosystem resilience Biggs et al.

A nonprofit worker describes the situation as one of fear of risk-taking:. The Tennessean. Schaefer, S. The wealthiest landowners do lookibg even live in the Imperial Valley, which further enables its degradation.

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Rather, it is more helpful to see all these people as having a valuable situated perspective, rather than playing one discrete role in the social structure. This paper draws on 30 semistructured interviews in the Coachella and Imperial valleys around the lake, as well as observation of community meetings and archival material, geneorus explore the following: How do people living around the Salton Sea view loiking collapse, including the failure to stop it?

Research de: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Conservation Letters 11 1 :e First, some suggest the state is just too large, yuy complexity as well as making regions far from the coast compete with other big projects like restoring the Sacramento Delta. Fourth, electoral time horizons are short.

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All of these relate to the extreme social inequality in the valley, in different ways. In some ways, the collapse of the Salton Sea ecosystem is like climate change or other global environmental problems: foreseeable, but expensive and difficult to address.

The Salton Sea is in some ways a novel ecosystem, and one whose baseline in the historical baseline used by the IUCN for assessing ecosystems looks quite different. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

Generous guy looking for a hj

Baker, J. This is a long-anticipated crisis.

Although the identity is historically one of farming, today, many of generoous farmers have moved to the coast and run their operations from afar, with about farmers in the valley. In the emergent literature on ecosystem collapse, few studies have focused on how ecosystem collapse is experienced by the communities living through it. Ross, M.

Formal participation in decision-making processes looking the education, time, money, and leisure to get organized, and then confronting people who have much more of those resources. One local official summarized the ways people come to know about the sea: environmentalists are paying some attention to it for ecological reasons; farmers in the Imperial Valley pay attention to it because of how it relates to water politics; farmers in the Coachella Valley pay attention to it because of water politics and development interest; Mexican-Americans living in Coachella may have lived here for generkus years and have never been to the Salton Sea; and people in the North Shore may be living there because it gy the most affordable housing within commuting distance of the Coachella Valley, with the Salton Sea the least of their concerns.

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For example, if government action is slow, groups can gather their own data, like the nonprofit Comite Civico del Valle is doing with air quality monitors at schools in the Imperial Valley. If accepted for publication, your response will be hyperlinked to the article.

Hector, C. First, this case illustrates the important role of monitoring the ecosystem. Ecology and Society 25 1 Quantitative and qualitative methods in the social sciences: current feminist issues and practical strategies. Maltz, S.

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The larger questions here are these: How are societies dealing with collapsing ecosystems around the world? Averting disaster: action now for the Salton Sea.

More broadly, there is an opportunity to synthesize lessons from studies like these, in order to discover in what contexts the factors for inaction identified by respondents here apply, where and how they have been transcended, and where societies simply decide to give into collapse and sacrifice particular areas. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.

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Part of the aa for talking with key stakeholders, rather than a wider representative population, is that these key stakeholders are the ones shaping the terms and frames through which much of the debate around the problem and solutions takes place. On the other hand, this case illustrates the constraints on monitoring in prompting action; it cautions against assuming that more data or better certainty about trends can solve the problem.

Semistructured interviews in particular were selected for this study gejerous the research questions here are about how stakeholders view the future of their environment, including the Salton Sea, and how they assess the options for participating in shaping that environmental future.