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Since the series started, the Gallagher family has split hugely, with many of the Gallagher children departing the show, due to the actors' moving wtih other projects. Even though Lip and Carl try to convince Fiona otherwise, Fiona refuses to believe they will change cbatsworth offer Frank money to leave as he intended.

Ian returns to England, unaware that he is carrying a body in the boot of his car. Struggling to work for the family and care for baby Cilla, Mickey comes up with a new way of making money: a fake website capturing credit card details of unsavoury users of other illegal websites.

List of shameless (british tv series) characters -

Overall, Mandy appeared in 51 episodes. However, it was often implied Frank knew all along but didn't care and accepted Ian for who he was. Aidan's bad behaviour has landed him in court, but it's Patty who'll decide the outcome.

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Things turn nasty when a vengeful Tony begins operating against Steve, and a deadly showdown at a warehouse sparks off a chain of events that changes life for the Gallaghers forever. Katie, now 9 years old, is excited to see Frank, after being informed by Lip that he had been captured by the Taliban. He is named after the singer of the same name. In the first episode of series five he returns to the estate during his university break to see Mandy and Katie.

Noreen Kershaw. Trying to make their son happy, Mimi and Paddy kidnap Karen and try to bully her into marrying Jamie. Karen is on a mission to regain control at The Jockey. Said to have been conceived at an allnighter at Wigan Casino, sadly that wouldn't have been possible as it burnt down before she was conceived. Voice-over: Jamie Maguire.

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Ian gets more than he bargained for when he gets involved with Anna, a girl on the run from Paddy. Afterwards, Joe would declare that he loves her and they should be a family.

Craig's wife, Sue Gillian Kearneyis jealous of his new relationship and seeks solace in Marty. Meanwhile, Libby is desperate to have before it's too late, but chatssworth Frank dragging his heels, she continues to try and be a good mother to Liam and Stella.

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In a later episode in series 8, Carl is shown to get a "Happy Birthday" text from Ian. Voice-over: Veronica Phine. Katie is not seen or mentioned again until the eleventh and final series, where Frank is seen pulling faces at a young girl on the bus. But Shane suddenly turns charitable and begins giving the homeless their stock, infuriating Jackson and causing a rivalry between the two business partners, and when the local priest begins stealing their business contracts, Shane discovers his one good deed could ruin him and the Powell family for good.

While the rest of the family welcome him with open arms, Frank finds his world turned upside down, as he is forced to relive painful memories from his childhood. Voice-over: Veronica Fisher.

Faces of the victims of flight

She is the second person to find out about his homosexuality. Jamie and Karen find themselves housing the entire estate, and the community turn against Frank when he drunkenly gives Kenaway information that in more evictions. When Katie mistakes a bag of ecstasy for sweets, Mandy orders the Gallaghers to throw Frank out of the house. It's a grand occasion as the residents of Chatsworth celebrate chatsworfh awarded an Olympic ring from London Back in Chatsworth, Karen searches for clues, while Gloria wrestles with her guilt over Jamie.

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Elsewhere, Debbie falls in with a crowd of people her own age, and, fck what she has been missing out on, quits her job of running the Gallagher household, leaving Lip, Ian and hapless Carl in charge, while Kev is forced to confront his fear of flying when Veronica plans a holiday abroad. Patreesha thinks she is the latest British music export to the United States when her new jazz musician boyfriend Louis promises her a lucrative singing career across the pond.

After several car changes, he finds Karen as she walks out into the warehouse, revealing to him that she planned the whole thing, and that she knows about his affair. Trying to come clean to Jamie, Karen's confession is derailed when he reveals his own fuck buddy s in chatsworth with phone secrets. Frank then takes the burden of Stella caring for Ben off her shoulders, while taking an active role himself.

Chesney meets Remona, a fiery chemist while looking for a replacement chillers and he soon decides to renovate Chesco, add a pharmacy department and employ her to run it. Telling Karen to take Connor back and do whatever it takes to make it work with Jamie, he drags Joe's body to the trunk and then drives the car away. After losing to Karen in a card game, he agrees to put the pub back in her name, and the couple are seen looking up at the newshowing "Jamie and Karen Maguire" as the proprietors of the Jockey.

Relations between Micky and the new couple remained strained, but eventually Micky decided to stop letting the relationship bother him. When she came to collect them, Liam forced Monica to take him rather than Stella, otherwise he would make her life difficult.

Meet lady burlington, the future duchess walking in the footsteps of a mitford

He watches Fiona hand Frank money to leave however, the latter refused to take it as Carl sees that he couldn't live without his family and is pleased to see this side. But things soon turn sour when news reaches them that they are now the prime suspects for Bonehead's murder, and the pair uncover a deadly secret that Hazel is so desperate to hide, while back in Chatsworth, Jimmy's reign of terror continues, and it's the Gallaghers who are caught in the crossfire.

She apparently brought Frank up and rescued him from a life of misery at the hands of her son Neville John WoodvineFrank's father. Voice-over: Monica Gallagher First appearance : Maureen.

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Frank frequently quotes Shakespearethe Biblereferences international current events and uses poetry and soliloquy to express his feelings or view, as he does at the start of each episode. He told Maxine that all he wanted was that when she finally realises she cannot be happy with a gay man, that she let Ian down gently.

Determined to deal with Jack, Ian's attempt to convince Lip of his friend's dark side tears the Gallagher boys apart, with all ro leading to a violent showdown between the three boys at The Jockey's karaoke night. Bucdy, Mandy and Ian's quest for love takes a shocking turn when they find themselves in bed together.

On Frank's escape, the pair stay unmarried and he eventually loses Libby in Episode 13 after cheating on her with Letitia Powell 's Kira Martin headmistress Annie Wallace. Kev is illiterate.