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If he accepted you and you want to put explosives on a ggeater, you will have to pass a traps roll. This way has the same solution as the one just above, except you don't get any money. There are a couple of lockers in there containing a brotherhood armor, a sniper rifle, some ammo and meds.

If you surrender you will be taken to the base commander for questioning. Paul will then give you an access card for the computer.

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New Ad ID I'm damn bo It's best if you surround yourself with eventual NPCs. Electronic lockpicks will reduce the requirement somewhat.

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Leave the map and when you come back Fannie Mae is gone. Also his front door is now locked at night time. Just use the terminal to get it from the seed bank. Once you have disabled the sub you can leave the sub by using the ladder on the side of the submarine.

If you can't figure it out by yourself. There's nothing you can do with him.

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You can investigate the crate of merchandise before you make your decision. Apparently his name is "Brave Little Toaster". Sheng also wants you to get rid of Dr. Neither choice affects karma or town reputation, and the other monks don't care what you do. When you return to McClure in Vault City to report that you've stopped the mole rat attacks, he'll agree to leave Vault Village alone. It looks good, but I choose not to use it for two reasons.

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Eldridge the gun merchant will now go back and check on his dogs if they bark too much as was originally planned. When you choose to follow the raiders, there is another outdoorsman check to decide which entrance to the raiders you get. You need to first use the rope on the well and then use the bucket on it too.

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The second way is from a random traveler somewhere close to New Reno, and the third way is by doing a quest for Dr. This will earn gteater xp.

He starts out with 80 HP and ends up with HP, and his AP will stay the 8 he starts with until his last rgeater, when it when it changes to 9. Low int characters can only drool, and if you keep it up, it will cause Jack to melt literally.

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Bring a lighter to brother Hank. If you can keep your NPCs out of the fight, wait until the robbers start running out of ammo and then take them down. Sevice can use all weapons, though he's not very good at throwing. Once you end combat though he will disappear properly.

After you have gotten that info you can 'cure' the barking man in New Reno xp and 3 Stimpaks. He cheats at cards so why not cheat him back?

Pass and he will let you in, fail and he attacks. Only new information about changes and additions specific to killap's Restoration Project Mod is included here. There's also mention of a Blue Levelbut it doesn't exist.

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Marked cards can be found on a shelf upstairs at the Desperado or dug up from one of the northern graves at Golgotha. She doesn't know the real names of the places though, so you have to ask about "an abandoned mine" and "an old research facility" to have her put the locations esrvice your map. You get xp for giving them to Dr.

Anyway, I have updated this guide to reflect the RP 2. He wants you to deliver a not so nice gift to the Shi.

You get this quest from the director of public relations female holobut first you have to try to open one of a few password protected doors, and ask her for the password. Exit Vault City to fscort world map on foot sometime between and 6. Choose the one with "How do I meet this Living-God.?

On the northern wall there are three big vents, if you go close to the middle one you'll find out that it's just big enough to squeeze through. You should then have an option to ask him about meeting Myron.

Unlike hit points, crippled limbs do not heal over time. You won't get the money, but you'll get xp instead.

You will need to pass a speech or repair check for him to accept you, depending on what rdding you give. The crewmen will find you when you reach the landing pad here and you get the option to jump out and fight or to surrender. Have a great day.

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He is not happy at the Abbey and would want to leave. Using these will let you change your appearance. If you have escortt recruited him, you can still tell him about it as long as you are in Broken Hills. That means he's real slow, always falling behind.

If it wasn't credited as written by someone else, then Morticia wrote it, or quoted it, or mis-quoted it, and didn't give proper credit.