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Trade-marks journal vol num

Illah Sports, Inc. Letter of consent on file from David Lynch. WARES: Breast pumps and accessories therefor, namely, breast milk storage bags and bottles, breast pump membranes, breast shields and breast pump valves.

WARES: Chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; manures, plant growth regulators; pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, paraciticides. RedHill Biopharma Ltd. GOODS: Abrading instruments [hand instruments], namely, sanders; Bushhammers; Garden tools [hand-operated]; Tools, hand-operated; Screwdriver; Pincers; Wrench hand tools ; Scissors; Spatula hand tools ; Folding knives; Carving tools hand toolsnamely, corkscrews; Chisel hand tools ; Cutting tools hand tools ; Saw hand tools ; Ratchet hand tools ; Tube cutting machines; Bow saws; Hand tools; Clamp for carpenter or cooperage industrial use.

Target Brands, Inc. SERVICES: Software as a service SaaS services featuring software for use in managing data bi mainz shaved smooth looking for m4t information in the field of medical clinical trials and research, clinical trial monitoring and events capture in the nature of gathering and organizing information and data generated in medical clinical trials and research, clinical data capture, management and reporting in the nature of the of medical clinical trials and research; providing online non-downloadable software for use in managing data and information in the field of medical clinical trials and research, namely clinical trial de and protocol development, clinical trial planning and management, clinical trial user and learning management, clinical trial operational reporting and analytics, clinical trial randomization and trial supply management, clinical trial monitoring and events capture and clinical data capture, management and reporting.

Societe des Produits Nestle S.

Live animals, namely livestock, domestic pets, laboratory animals; foodstuffs for animals; live crustaceans; agricultural products neither prepared, nor processednamely bulbs, spores, and spawn for agricultural use; sowing seeds, agricultural seeds; pet food; salt for livestock; raw cocoa beans; un-milled grains; lacteal flour for animals; fortifying dietary substances for animals, namely food additives lookng animals; foods derived lloking milk for livestock; seeds for animal feeding, namely bird seed; fish eggs.

GOODS: Computer software for receiving, storing, and transmitting health care data and for facilitating and coordinating home healthcare services, making assessments of patients by home healthcare workers, tracking home healthcare worker visits, and automating scheduling and work flow of home-healthcare workers, all of the above being for healthcare staff management and not relating to tracking vehicles or vehicle fleet xhaved.

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GOODS: Precious metals and their alloys, namely, silver, gold, platinum, palladium; ingots and collectible, commemorative and non-monetary coins of precious metals and their alloys. SERVICES: Retail and wholesale services in relation to clothing, perfumery, cosmetics, jewellery, bags, namely carry-all bags, clutch bags, evening bags, handbags, cosmetic bags, make-up bags, all-purpose sport bags, backpacks, luggage, trunks, carry-on bags, toiletry cases sold empty, shavdd bags for travel, rucksacks, pocket wallets, key bags.

Gordon Food Service, Inc.

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WARES: Airbrushable makeup for applying color to the body; airbrushable makeup for face; airbrushable makeup for hair, namely, coloring preparations. SERVICES: ing services; bookkeeping services; computerized ing services; computerized bookkeeping services; tax preparation and filing services; payroll preparation, processing, management and administration services for others; providing temporary use of non-downloadable software for use in ing, bookkeeping, tax preparation and filing, payroll preparation, payroll processing, payroll management and administration.

Dor Solutions, Inc. Morse Project, Inc.

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GOODS: Computer software for the command, control, and monitoring of unmanned land vehicles, water vehicles and air vehicles; computer software for the command, control, and monitoring of unmanned land targets, water targets and air targets; computer software for the command, control, and monitoring of drone targets; computer software for the command, control, and monitoring of weapons systems, namely, software programs for reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition and control of the firing of armaments.

The ship is mainly black with white and red flags and a red border on the top of the hull.

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WARES: Non-metallic transportable wood houses, garages and sheds; prefabricated wood houses, smoith and sheds; prefabricated houses, garages and sheds; prefabricated building parts, prefabricated houses, all comprising of wood materials and wood composite materials. SERVICES: Provision of a website featuring the scoring and ranking of employment recruiters and employment agencies; provision of an online searchable directory of employment recruiters and employment agencies; provision of online information regarding careers and employment; provision of online employment-related advertising services for others.

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All other letters in both words are dark grey. A Corp, Glamis Green S.

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Misyd Corp. GOODS: Clothing, namely, athletic wear, casual clothing; baseball caps; gym bags, basketballs, sport bags; basketball uniforms, sports uniforms; hats, ball caps; clothing, namely athletic clothing, gym wear, golf wear, casual wear, socks, shirts, t-shirts, pants, shorts, jackets; footwear, namely athletic footwear, sports footwear, exercise footwear, golf footwear, casual footwear, children's footwear, outdoor winter footwear, beach footwear; novelties, memorabilia and giftware items, namely watches, buttons and badges, horns, coin banks, photo albums, towels, banners, drinking glasses, mugs, coasters, pennants, paper weights, dhaved, cigarette lighters, fridge magnets, k4t plaques, flags, knapsacks, licence plate frames, money clips, lapel pins, earrings, rings, cuff links, key fobs and key chains.

GOODS: Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials namely metal roof and wall cladding, ceiling battens, trusses, purlins, structural decking, metal formwork and reinforcing materials for buildings; prepainted metal sheet, coil and strip; metal in the form of sheets, coils, strips, plates, bars, rods, slabs and ingots; metal mesh, expanded metals, metal rainwater products namely facias, guttering, ridge capping, downpipe and metal rainwater tanks; metal building frames, framing sections and accessories thereto for houses and commercial buildings namely base plates and connectors, door frames, bolts and nuts; metal fencing materials namely metal fencing framework and metal posts and panels; metal facias, metal channels, metal angles, brackets, namely, metal brackets for use in the construction and assembly of roofing, cantilievered brackets of metal and mounting brackets clips, cable clips, clamps namely, cable clamps of metal, metal hose clamps, all of metal.

Praash Jewels Inc.

Deutsche Pharma S. Mittenwald, S.

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SERVICES: 1 Computer services in the nature of online reputation services in the nature of person's background credentials and reporting the thereof. GOODS: 1 Mittens, dress gloves, casual gloves, sports gloves, including: driving gloves, hiking gloves, snowshoeing gloves, power walking gloves, running gloves, cycling gloves, adventuring gloves.

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GOODS: 1 Photovoltaic installations which consist of solar panels and USB universal serial bus sold as a unit for the production of electricity; wireless transmitters and receivers; electrical outlets; battery chargers and chargers for batteries in electronic devices, namely, cell phones, MP3 players, personal digital assistants, computers, laptops, tablet computers, digital audio players and digital video players.

W SkinCare, West 2nd Ave. Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc.

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Tumi, Inc. GOODS: 1 Meat extracts; soups and bouillons namely, paste bouillons and granulated bouillons; frozen, lookibg and cooked fruits and vegetables, instant, de-hydrated and frozen soups; stock namely, stock cubes, pastes and granules; gravy mix; purees namely, tomato puree, pastes namely, tomato paste and herb pastes; pickles; snack meals and instant snack foods, namely, meat-based snack foods and vegetable based snack foods; ready-to-cook foods, namely, pasta; cooked and preserved alimentary products, namely, prepared meals consisting primarily of pasta and rice; chilled and frozen ready hi ready-cooked meals and instant meals.

The device and the words are in a black square. SERVICES: Controlling, managing, and financing telematics program execution namely on-line vehicle and mobile resource monitoring, support, analysis, and reporting systems, namely, using hardware and software which flr in-vehicle sensors with wireless technologies to deliver wireless monitoring, analysis, diagnostics, and maihz locally or around the world.

The trade-mark consists of the colour grey as applied to the whole of the visible surface of the particular bottle, in combination with a 2D de, as shown in the drawing. The dotted lines are intended to show the position of the mark and not a part of the mark as shown.

Trade-marks journal vol num

GOODS: Blood drawing apparatus; diagnostic kits, maunz laboratory assay kits and blood testing kits for use in clinical, laboratory, medical and chemical research and development and used to diagnose, prognose, predict or treat diseases, and laboratory assay kits and blood testing kits for identifying disease risk factors and responses to therapeutic treatment; diagnostic kits comprising molecular biological reagents useful for detecting gene expression products, including ribonucleic acid RNA or proteins, as an indication of body state, including body health, condition, disease, response to external stimuli, or response to therapeutic treatment.

GOODS: Farm fresh produce and dairy products, namely; vegetables, snaved, spices, milk, cream, cheese, oats, barley, wheat. SERVICES: smoooth Retail services in relation to furniture, carpets, rugs, mats, curtains, household and kitchen utensils, fabrics, textiles, napkins vases, books, gift coins, bags, works of art, fixed and portable lighting fixtures, jewellery, clothing and clothing accessories; organization of art exhibitions for commercial purposes.